the 100 year town

The competition was released in connection with AAB’s 100th anniversary, and the 100 Year Town (100 Års Byen) grows out of the best experiences from the past and is a proposal for the next 100 years of public housing. The neighborhood structures communities at different scales around the central biotope, which becomes the lush meeting point of the town. This common space connects the residents of the 100 homes with nature on a daily basis and is optimized for creating social interaction and communities.

Program: Public Housing, Urbaninsm
Location: Skæring, Denmark
Client: AAB (Arbejdernes Andels Boligforening, Aarhus)
Size: +10.000 m2
Status: 1st prize – open international competition
Collaborators: STED By og Landskab, Everyday Studio
Link to Arkitektforeningen